Friday 1.23.1915 [sic] “as usual, sorry that I do not always...”

After last year’s lecture performance „Malinowski“ dealt with artistic-performative implications of the scientific method of participant observation, this time the inner conflicts of the anthropologist as well as the performer come into focus. Inspired by the scientists diaries that revealed Malinowski as a doubtful and hypochondriac person see-saw between his own expectations, self-disciplinary measures and inevitable failure, the performance will take the audience to a close up experience of voluntary imprisonment in the delusion of the jungle.
Miriam Jakob, anthropologist and performer, is exploring the expectations and inner borders of the audience and performers in installations, (lecture-) performances and videos. Her work creates spaces of desire, where the mechanisms of validation loose their meaning and the borders to the „Other“ blur. Currently she is studying at the Inter-University for Dance Berlin.
Felix Classen is a musician and producer. Occasionally he works for film & photo projects in the context of dance and performance. In „Friday…“ he was in charge of the audio recording and assisted with lights, sound as well as dramaturgy.

Please click here to read a german text of Christina Amrhein about the performance.