This is what the Jury wrote in their statement:

Miriam Jakob in cooperation with Felix Classen - „Friday, 1.23.1915 [sic] ‘as usual, sorry that I do not always...‘

Friday, 22.02. 2013: We fell in love. We just saw a piece. A performer, alone on stage, her voice recorded and played by a walkman. Fog.
X: "that’s best so far"
Y: "well, agreed, but let me think..."
Saturday, 23.02.2013: We’re still in the delusion of the jungle.
Y: "I see some incoherency, there is a lack of continuity, she forgot, she did not see..."
X: "yes, but that’s the point in a way, this is a part of it!"
Sunday, 24.02.2013: Finally the fog dispersed. We see now. We realize that we do no longer want to judge over works, "we don't know if they are laughing or angry", we have to admit that our decision could be doubted. So, what did we see?
We saw the perfect merge of well-done research and art, looped and multi-leveled, self-reflecting and self-inquiring.
We are in love.
Tuesday, 20. 08.2013: Still in love.