In her works, the choreographer and anthropologist Miriam Jakob concentrates on the interface between science and fiction. She explores the expectations and inner borders of audience and performers through performances, lecture-performances, films and installations. Her work creates spaces of desire, where mechanisms of validation loose their meaning and the borderlines of identities blur. Her body of work contains  Friday, 23.1.1915 [sic] „as usual, sorry that I do not always...“ (2013),  How to become a journey (2013), Travelling to the four Corners of the Earth (2014), Letters to Dance (2016), In the Shadow of Man (2017) and Mit/teilen (2019).

She collaborates as a performer, actress and choreographer, with other artists including deufert & plischke, Angela Schanelec, Lisa Densem, Varinia Canto Vila, Ana Laura Lozza and Zeina Hanna i.a.

She is graduating in MA Choreography (DAS Amsterdam) and holds a BA in dance, context, choreography and an MA in Anthropology.